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Top 5 Date Night Ideas in Indianapolis

Top 5 Date Night Ideas in Indianapolis

Most often than not, it’s planned and sometimes is unforeseen – a date night, and seems to be a usual question for many on what to do during these times? If you are one of those people who is looking for an excellent way to spend your date night in Indianapolis, here are the top 5 date night ideas in Indianapolis you can start with.

1. Spice things in the Jazz Kitchen - In case you didn’t know yet, The Jazz Kitchen is one of the many and hottest dance night in Indianapolis, which is the “Latin Dance Party.” On the other hand, if you and your date have always desired of dancing salsa, however, do not actually know how there’s no need to worry. The people at Jazz Kitchen provide free lesson during Thursday night. Right after the dance lesson, perhaps you want to cool things down and try a drink at the Lower Level bar at 10-01 or The Corner Wine Bar. See their site

2. Bring the Home Team - Everyone is aware that Virginia is the home for lovers, however, the best thing about Indianapolis is that this is the home for those sports lovers. Whatever the reason, there is at all times a game that you and your sports lover partner to go see. If you are new in the city, here are some teams you can start with the teams lie Indiana Ice, Indy Fuel, Indy Eleven, Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Fever as well as Indiana Pacers.

3. Have fun watching plays - You will find some good places within the city to see a play; one of them is the Indiana Repertory Theatre. This date night place always performs a great job at picking a wide selection of plays every season, which covers several subject matters at the same time spanning the length of emotional experiences. Given that Indiana Repertory Theater is situated in the center of the downtown, there is no trouble looking for a restaurant for supper.

4. Rides all you can - If you are searching for a date, which combines carnival rides, fried food, at the same time a free Village People concert, Indiana State Fair is the perfect place for you. Along with hundreds of options of foods and entertainment, you might have to go! His fair runs during August 7th to 23rd, so you should grab your corndog and jump on the ferries wheel for a one-of-a-kind night out.

5. Experience a sense of culture - Culture Trail is one of many additions to the city of Indianapolis. It is not just a simple bike route, but it is an 8-mile journey thrill adventure with the most exciting downtown Indy neighborhoods. In addition, the Cultural Trail passes different bars, restaurants, art installations, shops, and murals. You can grab your bikes and your date and bike towards romance and adventure. More info

Wherever you plan to go, do not forget to have fun and enjoy the night with your date. With this five date night ideas, hope you will find something that you will surely remember.